Check Videos: Turks Organized a March Against the United States, in front of the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, to Express Their Rejection of Foreign Interference in Syria and American Imperial Policies

Posted on December 5, 2011


December 3rd, 2011:

Turks protested in  solidarity with Syria and its leader Dr. Bashar al-Assad,  in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. Both young Syrians and the Union of Young Turks participated in this protest. Thousands of Turks gathered to express their support for Syria and their rejection of  U.S. interference in Syrian national affairs. They arrived to Ankara from the squares of the Turkish capital

The main events organized:
1) Targetting  U.S. embassy in Ankara to condemn the visit of  U.S. Vice President in Turkey to organize the conspiracy against Syria
2) Criticizing Erdugan’s alliance with the west. Indeed, a person was dressed as an Ottoman Sultan and wore the American cloak.
3) The fake Erdugan pretended that he was giving a speech in front of the US embassy and was beaten with shoes by the Syrian and Turkish youth.
4) They surrended the Presidential Palace in Ankara, in what seemed like a buffer zone. Then they greeted Syria and its president, and denounced the Party of Justice and its head, Erdugan. This was the initiative of the Turkish and Syrian Youth Union.

Translation of the slogans:

“We’re one, Syria and Turkey are united”
“Resist them Assad, the Youth of  Turkey is with you”
“Syria and Turkey are brothers, and the U.S. State is a prostitute”
“Syria Don’t Give Up and Resist, the Turkish Youth is with You”
“May God defeat America and the Justice Party which is Its Partner”

Then Turks brought a Syrian song and everybody danced on its music.

Videos of the Protest:

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