Names of Some Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan Leaders from Al Qaeda Who Are in Syria Right Now

Posted on December 25, 2011


Iraqi sources revealed that an Iraqi group pertaining to Al Qaeda had crossed Syrian borders recently. The sources added that the group was led by “Abu Usama Halbusi” and included one hundred and fifty fighters who were distributed between Homs, Hama, and Deir Al-Zour

The source affirmed that according to “Syria Step,” Al-Qaeda has been “creeping” inside the Syrian territory for several months now, either through Turkey or through northern Lebanon, and some are still in the latter. The group was led by a certain “Abu Abeda” who managed to get into Syria and it is still unkown whether he had been killed or not. All the members have been used to the job as members of Al Qaeda in Iraq and they are experts in bombings. The source pointed out that the Libyan group of Al-Qaeda, which crossed into Syria,was led by Mahdi AlTarhouni

The Iraqi source said that “the Emir (prince) of Al Qaeda in Syria now is Abdullah Al-Homsi, born in 1977. The Syrian authorities are looking
for him and it is not known yet where he is. Some sources suggest that he might be in “Zawya Mountain. ”

It is worth mentioning that the new tape of the so-called “Qaqaa Battalion”, which has been leading terrorist attacks in the eastern region of Syria, contains an anthem that is characteristic of Al-Qaeda. Indeed, it is one of the songs used by this organization in all the tapes related to the activities of its fighters. According to the experts who observe this organization, this confirms that the Battalion is linked to Al Qaeda, especially that “Al Qaeda considers the Syrian army as secular infidels independently of whether they stayed in the army or split off. It is commonly known that those who split off do not have the ideology of Al Qaeda completely. That is why, the existence of songs that are characteristic of Al Qaeda on the tapes of the Farouk Battalion confirms that Al Qaeda itself has established its own battalions in Syria.”

Note that the Western media has pointed out Al-Qaeda presence on Syrian territory in many previous reports. The last one was in “The Guardian”, which had an interview with a Syrian “jihadist” who came from Iraq to fight in Idleb

Picture: Caricature, entitled “Peaceful, Peaceful,” by the Syrian artist “Mohammed Al Ali” -modified by me for the translation of the words only

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