A Turkish Newspaper: the Radar Missile Shield in Turkey Will Be Operational Next Week

Posted on December 26, 2011



A Turkish official said that the anti-missile radar of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would be operated within a week in Turkey.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” in its issue on December 25, an official who refused to reveal his name said that the radar, whose purpose is to give warnings against ballistic missiles, will begin to work in the city of Malatya in southeastern Turkey during the week.

The official re-emphasized the fact that the system is meant to be used for defense and that it is not directed against any particular country, Iran in particular. He added that “the system of early warning radar will start to work next week, before the end of the year.” However, it will be operational  only once NATO ratifies the details of the American -Turkish  agreement, which includes  conditions for allowing its use in Turkey.

The official pointed out that a committee will meet with NATO next week in order to finalize the operation and click on the related button.


Translated from Arabic

Source: http://arabic.rt.com/news_all_news/news/574863/


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