NATO Forces to Join the zionist Entity’s Drills

Posted on January 4, 2012



The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is scheduled to participate, for the first time, in the military exercise “Turning Point 6,” that will be held in the occupied territories next October.

In recent years, the [zionist] military took part in several Nato exercises, but has never hosted its members in the zionist entity.

The drill, named “Turning Point 6,” will simulate a massive earthquake leading to wide-scale destruction and large amounts of casualties.

NATO search and rescue units, as well as supporting units will arrive in the zionist entity to take part in the drill, which will also include zionist emergency services, police and rescue and fire services, along with local authorities, governmental ministries, and representatives from the political echelon.

The daily, however, noted that names and number of countries which are to participate in the exercise still unknown, and whether Turkey – being a NATO member – will participate in the drill or not.

Noting that the zionist entity had joined military exercises in Turkey, and the two side took part in the home front maneuver conducted last year in Moldova.

Two weeks ago, zionist Minister for Home Front Defense Matan Vilnai met with NATO Deputy Secretary General Claudio Bisogniero in Brussels to discuss the details of the joint exercise.

During his visit, Vilnai also met with other senior members of the organization and officials from the European Union in order to discuss future co-operation between [the zionist entity] and Europe on emergency and crisis management issues.

“We have a big interest in deepening and widening our ties with the Union and with NATO,” said Vilnai, adding that “both Europe and [the zionist entity] can benefit from steady cooperation on preparedness and response to emergencies and crises.”