Hundreds of American Soldiers Disembark on the Shores of Libya

Posted on January 17, 2012


Picture used in the source text

“Today Tuesday January 17th, U.S. forces concentrated in Malta sent troops on the beaches of “Labrika”, “Rass Lanouff” and “Sirt” under the pretext of protecting the oil fields and ports of export from Libyan armed gangs. The Libyan resistance has previously announced that they will not tolerate the arrival of the first invading soldier to the Libyan territory.”

The same source published a few days ago a post pointing out that Barack Obama gave a directive to transfer 12 thousand U.S. troops, stationed in Malta, to Libya.

The Libyan site explains that some in the West hope that the presence of Western troops on the ground would secure the pumping of Libyan oil to the European markets at very low prices that would not exceed $ 20 per barrel. This is described as “the first results of the unfair deal signed by NATO puppets with the new colonists at the expense of Libyan economy.”

“Note that between 2003 and 2007 the United States of America bought the Iraqi oil for one dollar per barrel, under the pretext of restoring the lost expenditure for the “liberation” of Iraq, and it seems that the Atlantic countries intend to follow the same method today in Libya.”

Source: ( a Moritani site)  [The source text is in Arabic so  I translated it into English.]

PS: I think that there are Too many US operations on too many grounds these days.