The zionist Entity Is Assisting the Syrian Opposition In Their Terror Attacks

Posted on January 19, 2012


By Richard Walker
Source:  Issue 45, November 7, 2011

News that [zionist] weapons are in the hands of Syrian opposition groups should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Middle East unrest. For decades, [the zionist entity] has not interfered openly in the affairs of its neighbors; it has run covert wars in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, to name but a few nations. It has assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists and has supplied terrorists groups as long as they targeted countries it wanted to destabilize.

When it comes to Syria, [the zionist entity] has a vested interest in seeing it collapsed into chaos, convinced the overthrow of the Bashar al-Assad regime will undermine Syria’s allies, namely Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It therefore did not come as a shock to pundits when a Syrian envoy to the Arab League revealed [the zionist entity] has been supplying Syrian insurgents with automatic weapons. The envoy said both Lebanon and Syria had intercepted shipments of [zionist] weapons bound for Syrian fighters.

[The zionist entity] has long opposed the Syrian regime and, as far back as 2003, used its neo-con supporters to convince President Bush he should sanction the overthrow of al-Assad. Dick Cheney has since admitted he was in favor of a plan to bomb Syria because he believed it would weaken [the zionist entity]’s enemies in the region. Syria shares borders with Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, and is a gateway for traffic among all those nations. israel and its backer in Washington, Barack Obama, would like to put a regime in Syria that allows them to control that gateway. In so doing, they could shut off trade between Lebanon and Iran, which is next door to Iraq.

D.C. continues to support [the zionist entity] ‘s dirty work in the region even though violence in Syria could quickly spread into Lebanon. It was israel’s 1982 intervention in Lebanon that led Hezbollah to become the organization it is today.”