Patriotism of the Syrian Arab National Army .VS. Puppets of the West and Oil Arab Princes aka “Free Army”

Posted on January 22, 2012


Patriotism= devotion to one’s own country and concern for its defence. That is exactly what the Syrian Arab Army has been doing: protecting citizens and their country at the risk of their own lives. However, recently I noticed that some were trying to make the Syrian National Arab Army look like mere batallions and define the western puppets known as “Free army” as a full-fledged army!

In case these people don’t know what a national army means, this is an extract that explains the objectives of an army, in this case that of the United States. I replaced the former with “country” to clarify that all armies are Equal in their Rights to Protect their homelands:



-The Armed Forces of the [country] execute the National Military Strategy within the context of the National Security and National Defense Strategies. The National Military Strategy establishes the following interrelated military objectives:
-Protect the [country] against external attacks and aggression.
-Prevent conflict and surprise attack.
-Prevail against adversaries.”
————————————————-The Syrian army is dealing with Armed terrorist groups receiving training and support (weapons and money) from foreign authorities (France, UK, US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey), kidnapping foreigners and citizens, killing journalists (Syrians and foreigners), throwing bombs at a bus that transported rebels, threatening those who express their support to the government, faking videos and numbers etc etc. Such groups do represent a Threat to a people’s sovereignty over their homeland.

PS:  Detailed proofs about the last paragraph are available and will be linked to this post once I organize them.
By Haifa aka Haifashion Smiley
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