A Tunisian Woman Supports Syria Despite Intimidation

Posted on February 6, 2012


A mob attacked the Syrian embassy in Tunisia, yesterday (04/02/2012). Media reports said that Tunisians protested to get rid of the Syrian ambassador as a “form of support to the Syrian revolution”. I am Tunisian and I want to share with you what really happened that morning. Unlike the media that “reported” the event, you can see it by yourself in the video and decide whom these people represent really, the Tunisian people or a political alliance with Qatar on the part of the Islamist party here, the Nahtha Party?

The young Tunisian woman in the video is “Fafani Damak”. Having talked to her, this is what she told me. She heard that some groups were going to try to break into the Syrian embassy in Tunisia and expel the Syrian ambassador. So she rushed there to stop them. She arrived before the rest in front of the embassy and she was alone amid this mob. They threatened to beat her and the policemen had to stop them. Nevertheless, she stayed. She was not even afraid of them. She yelled with a very loud voice. Despite the fact that they were around 20, her voice was the loudest. They insulted the Syrian president as a criminal, but she didn’t. Her words were stronger and clearer. Her voice was the voice of the Tunisian people who will never yield to foreign interference and who will never sell their country or any other Arab country to Qatar. She said: ” Hamad [prince of Qatar] you are a coward, the Syrian people should never be insulted.” See, Hamad has paid many mercenaries to attack Syrians. On the night prior to the meeting of the UNSC, he gave the order to Aljazera TV to increase its media lies about Syria, in order to justify synchronized attacks against Syrian embassies around the world. This Tunisian woman like many others refuses to believe the lies spread by the main stream media. She refuses to let go of justice and she refuses to sell her soul to the highest buyer. In Tunisia, we’re millions like her. We want Freedom yes, but before anything else, we believe in Justice. Whatever the threats, no matter if you’re alone and if your voice is shaking, speak the truth and it will be heard.

This is the video: [click on cc for translation]

The decision to attack the embassy and fire the Syrian ambassador is reckless and cannot be justified. Indeed, many Tunisians on facebook asked the following questions yesterday:”Why didn’t they fire the ambassador of Bahrain, a country whose leadership is a real dictator and where numbers and names of victims among the Bahrainie people have been proved to be correct? Why didn’t they fire the ambassador of Saudi Arabia, since the former has refused to hand over Ben Ali, currently hiding there?” Others addressed angry statements at those who took such a decision without bearing in mind the fact that they are members of a “temporary” government, elected by Tunisians to take care of their internal and national affairs. Some pointed out the media lies against Syria, citing the report of the Tunisian member of the Arab League’s delegation to Syria. The latter affirms that there has been a huge media distortion of facts about Syria and that there are indeed armed groups and terrorists who attack civilians. Obviously, there are those who sided with Nahtha party and with Mr Marzouki, the temporary president of Tunisia. Yet again, there are those who said that they regretted voting for them. The debate is still going on but I can safely assert that more and more people are starting to question the main stream media reports about the Syrian revolution and the truth of what is really going on in Syria as well as the reliability of the Tunisian temporary government. Some are saying that they sold our country to Qatar and that the governement is following orders from the American government. This is an example from Tunisian pages on facebook that day translated into English:

Personally I read and saw enough articles, videos, and analyses of faked news to become disgusted by media lies and fake revolutionary claims. As far as I’m concerned, this revolution is the result of media lies. It mirrors to a certain extent the way Hamad of Qatar ascended to power through TV, having banned  and threatened to kill his father, the king.

Written by Haifa Barhoumi (aka Haifashion Smiley)