Syrian Caricaturist Receives Death Threats and Decides to Risk His Life and Continue

Posted on March 15, 2012


Ibrahim Jazaa is a Syrian artist, a caricaturist who expresses  his love for his country, Syria, through his work. He  rejects foreign interference in Syria and media distortion of facts.

Yesterday, he posted on his page on facebooka picture featuring a death threat written on the wall of his house: “Ibrahim Jazaa, your turn has come.”  The artist commented on these threats as follows:

“How dare you write your disgusting threats on the wall of my house? Shame on you Wahabists, I will keep disclosing your truth with my pictures until my last breath… Vive Syria Al Assad, always a free and sovereign country! My dear friends, if  something happens to me, use my pictures as a weapon… I love you all. Ibrahim Jazaa….” (translated from Arabic)



You can see some of his work on his page, and here are some of them:

Picture about the Wahabists mentioned in Ibrahim  Jazaa’s post:


Picture 1:

Picture 2:  [The box is entitled “AlJazera” (logo of the Qatari channel in Arabic), used as the head of a person, in reference to Al Jazera staff. The second writing, on the black clothes, means “conflict”.]

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Ibrahim Jazaa’s pictures are widely used on facebook…