Global March to Protect Syria and Palestine – Tunisia 16/03/2012

Posted on March 18, 2012


Global March for Syria – Support from Tunisia:

Hundreds of Tunisians gathered on Friday March 16th, 2012, to participate in the Global March for Syria. Tunsians wanted to express their solidarity with both Syria and Palestine against attempt to undermine the sovereignty of both countries and their people’s. The march took place in the main square of the capital city, Tunis, (Bourguiba Square) and people joined the march as it progressed.


Videos from Global March for Syria – Tunisia, capital city Tunis, 16/03/2012:

1-Tunisian child presenting himself:

“I am Malek and I participated in the Global March for Syria to support Syria and the Syrian president.”

2- Tunisian child singing against the role of Qatar in the conspiracy targetting Syria:

“Hamad (of Qatar) you’re a coward, you work for the USA..  Hamad you’re a child, you cannot defeat Assad”

3- Tunisian crowd shouting: “O zionist gang, the Tunisian people are not for sell” and shouting against the zionist entity: “No negociations, no recognition, no deals” :

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