Global March for Syria – Support from Yemen – Jordan – Mauritania – Algeria – Lebanon

Posted on March 18, 2012


1- Global March for Syria – Yemen 16/03/2012

In Yemen, people gathered in the capital city, Sanaa, to participate in the Global March for Syria.

Picture on the right reads, “Do not destroy Syria.”

Global March for Syria – Yemen:

2- Global March for Syria – Jordan 16/03/2012

3- Global March for Syria – Mauritania, Nouakchott, in front of the Syrian embassy16/03/2012.            Picture reads:

Message from Syrians who live in Mauritania: “We pray that the souls of our martyrs, civilians and soldiers,who died because of this dirty conspiracy, rest in peace. We pray that our wounded countrymen will heal very soon.”

Extract from the speech during the march, as reported by Al Badil, a Mauritanie e-paper (trans. from Arabic):

“We leaders and representatives of the political parties and civil organizations along with independent personalities are honoured to participate in the march of solidarity with our sister Syria, and to show our support to both its people and leader. We state  the following:
We stand with the Syrian Arab Republic, its people and leader, against a cosmic conspiracy led by the agents of imperialism and international zionism as well as the reactionary Gulf brokers and their agents who use Islam as a business in politics. We condemn the criminal calls  issued by the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to arm organized criminal gangs and blind terrorism against our brothers in Syria. We demand that both ministers be trialed for they have been doing their best to please their zionist and American masters by targetting the national security of Syria”.

4- Global March for Syria –  Beirut, Lebanon 16/03/2012:

Global March for Syria – Lebanon 17/03/2012

5- Global March for Syria – Algeria 17/03/2012:

Syrians and Algerians gathered in front of the Syrian embassy in Algeria, to participate in the Global March for Syria. Notice that Syrians who live in Algeria have previously prevented the attempt of the opposition to held a meeting in Algeria, simply by saying that they were against them and by shouting “We the people want Bashar Al Assad.”  That’s the will of the people. They chose.

-Syrians  singing and dancing, in front of the Syrian embassy, in Algeria, on 17/03/2012:

-Syrians in Algeria, during the Global March for Syria, singing: “Hey Qatarie don’t worry; Replace Hamad with a donkey.”

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