Terrorists’ New Technique in Syria: They Kidnap Syrian Journalists

Posted on July 23, 2012


After the terrorist attack against the building of Syrian TV that caused the death of many journalists, terrorists decided to “use” journalists before killing them. Indeed, the new strategy consists in kidnapping journalists, torturing them and threatening them to kill their children and families.. The new plan includes “hijacking” the TV frequences of the national channels and using these journalists to make the operation more credible.

One of the Syrian journalists who were kidnapped recently in Syria is Mohamed Al Said (See picture bellow). Mohamed Al Said was kidnapped on Friday 20th, 2012, in Damascus.

Letter from one of journalist Mohamed Al Said’s relatives:

1- The journalist Mohamed Al Said was kidnapped and this should become known worldwide because those who kidnapped him want to keep it secret. They want to use him in their fake channels: to make Syrians recognize familiar faces and believe their lies. Accordingly, news about kidnapped journalists have to be heard of, before the enemies of Syria start their full fledged media attack.

2- After announcing the decision to kill journalists, Mohamed Al Said found a death threat written on his building. So he decided to move out within one or two days to a safer place. But, apparently, the terrorists kidnapped him immediately after leaving the threat.

3- Mohamed Al Said is a staunch supporter of the Syrian president. If the terrorists make him read something, it would be by threatening him that they would hurt his young son, Jawad ( Jawad is around two years old).

Translated from Arabic:
رسالة من احد اقرباء الاعلامي محمد السعيد

1_بالنسبة لخبر اختطاف محمد السعيد لازم يتعّمم لأن الجهة الخاطفة بيهمها أنو الأمر يضل سرّي مشان استثمار محمد بظهوره في القنوات البديلة …وبالتالي يجب عليكم تفويت هذه الفرصة
2_ بعد اصدار الفتوى بقتل الاعلاميين بيوم واحد وصل لمحمد تهديد مكتوب على باب بنايته …وكان ينوي نقل سكنه خلال يوم أو يومين الى منطقه أخرى آمنة ,ولكن على مايبدو نفذ الإرهابيون تهديدهم بدون مهلة .
3_ محمد السعيد إعلامي موالي حتى النخاع ,وحتى إن أجبر على قراءة بيان ما فقد يكون هذا تحت تهديد, ليس لشخصه أو حياته بل ربمّا لحياة ابنه جواد ابن السنتين أو أقل بشهور .

Source: a Syrian page on facebook.