The other face of Syria, the one they don’t want you to see.

Posted on September 19, 2012


This beautiful picture was posted by a Syrian admin, in a page called   “Breaking News Network” which supports the Syrian president and the Syrian National Army. S/he took it yesterday morning (18/09/2012) and wrote about it:

“When I saw them this morning, I felt that Syria is still fine. I felt that there is still hope and goodness, that Syrians’ patience and resistance are much stronger than any form of terrorism… I asked their mother to let me take a picture, but I don’t know if they saw me taking it. I don’t know what they were telling each other or if they were singing… I just know that with such parents as theirs and such a determination we will defeat terrorism and we will all live in peace and love in our country again. ”

The original text was written in Arabic and I translated it:

“اليوم الصبح شفت هالكتكوتين رايحين على المدرسة .حسيت إنو عن جد سورية لسعتا بخير .حسيت إنو الأمل موجود و الخير موجود و المقاومة و الصبر عند السوريين أقوى و اقوى من كل الإرهاب .أنا إستأذنت أمون إني صورون بس يمكن هني ما بيعرفو إنو صورتون .مابعرف شو كانو عم يحكو أو عم يغنو بس بعرف إنو بهيك أهل و هيك إرادة بنهزم الإرهاب و بنرجع نعيش ببلدنا من جديد بحب و سلام .”


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