Individuals Claim: Assisting Terrorists Is Not Terrorism, Since Governments Do It

Posted on October 4, 2014


Moazzam Begg told Channel 4 News that MI5, which is UK’s domestic counter intelligence and security agency, gave him the green light to go to Syria.  Begg had denied seven counts – one of attending a terrorist training camp in Syria between 2012 and 2013, five of possessing terrorist documents and one of funding terrorism by making a generator available.

“I’m neither a fighter nor a trainer, but I helped and assisted those who were,” he said.

Fact is, secret services cannot establish as a fact the involvement of individuals in terrorist activities in Syria. Of course, when a guy claims that he did not kill anyone, and was content to cheer friends up while they slaughtered innocents, they can’t get some DNA proof, finger prints or confession to prove that he is guilty. But that’s just a detail. More importantly, they cannot consider “assistance” as a terrorist act, because they themselves assisted these very friends of Mr Begg.  MI5 is not the only secret service that was commissioned by its government to assist armed groups in Syria, in the name of supporting freedom seekers.

The USA, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (among others) claim that their assistance to armed groups, through funds, weapons and intelligence tips, was benign and aiming for the best, ie to support freedom and democracy. When their protégés turned out videotaping their acts of slaughter and murder, the official discourse decides to label the situation as terrorist activities. However, their students are smart. Assistance is not a terrorist activity, they say, because if it were, your government wouldn’t have supported us. I bet that they will use facial recognition and a computer program to establish the involvement of individuals and contain them back home. However, it seems that assisting terrorists will be crossed from the list of accusations.

Let’s wait and see.

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