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Global March to Protect Syria and Palestine – Tunisia 16/03/2012

March 18, 2012


Global March for Syria – Support from Tunisia: Hundreds of Tunisians gathered on Friday March 16th, 2012, to participate in the Global March for Syria. Tunsians wanted to express their solidarity with both Syria and Palestine against attempt to undermine the sovereignty of both countries and their people’s. The march took place in the main […]

Samples of Media Distortion of Facts about Syria : 1- Fake Pictures

February 6, 2012


Here is the  Source of the original picture  and the   Source of the fake picture . Picture 2: Source of original picture  Picture 3: The original picture is that of an event organized by Syrians to emphasize their love towards their country, “My Country, You’re Vested with Glory,” on Juin 22, 2011. The original […]

A Tunisian Woman Supports Syria Despite Intimidation

February 6, 2012


A mob attacked the Syrian embassy in Tunisia, yesterday (04/02/2012). Media reports said that Tunisians protested to get rid of the Syrian ambassador as a “form of support to the Syrian revolution”. I am Tunisian and I want to share with you what really happened that morning. Unlike the media that “reported” the event, you […]

Patrick Cockburn: “Compared to Syria, the fall of Libya was a piece of cake”

January 20, 2012


>>>>>>Article written on November 20, 2011. World View: Gaddafi’s removal affected only one country. If the Assad regime is ousted, the reverberations will be felt across the Middle East for decades to come President Bashar al-Assad’s enemies are closing in for the kill. The Arab League is suspending Syria, and Turkey, once a close ally, […]