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Ex Al-Jazera Reporter and Former Beirut Correspondent, Ali Hashem: A journalist “should […] have the right to say whatever he wants safely, without being threatened to be bombarded or killed or executed or arrested.”

March 15, 2012


Ex Al-Jazera reporter and former Beirut correspondent, Ali Hashem said: “We should as journalists, whatever our point of view is, (because it is clear there is no independent journalism anymore) have the right to say whatever he wants safely, without being threatened to be bombarded or killed or executed or arrested.” Ali Hashem quit recently […]

Samples of Media Distortion of Facts about Syria : 1- Fake Pictures

February 6, 2012


Here is the  Source of the original picture  and the   Source of the fake picture . Picture 2: Source of original picture  Picture 3: The original picture is that of an event organized by Syrians to emphasize their love towards their country, “My Country, You’re Vested with Glory,” on Juin 22, 2011. The original […]

Patrick Cockburn: “Compared to Syria, the fall of Libya was a piece of cake”

January 20, 2012


>>>>>>Article written on November 20, 2011. World View: Gaddafi’s removal affected only one country. If the Assad regime is ousted, the reverberations will be felt across the Middle East for decades to come President Bashar al-Assad’s enemies are closing in for the kill. The Arab League is suspending Syria, and Turkey, once a close ally, […]

Hundreds of American Soldiers Disembark on the Shores of Libya

January 17, 2012


Picture used in the source text “Today Tuesday January 17th, U.S. forces concentrated in Malta sent troops on the beaches of “Labrika”, “Rass Lanouff” and “Sirt” under the pretext of protecting the oil fields and ports of export from Libyan armed gangs. The Libyan resistance has previously announced that they will not tolerate the arrival […]

“Beaten, Threatened and Compelled to Leave at Al Jazeera Based in Brussels”

December 23, 2011


by Michel Collon Dec. 12, 2011 According to reliable sources, an official of Al Jazeera based in Brussels has beaten, threatened and fired a reporter who wanted to thwart a media manipulation made by Al Jazeera about Syria. The victim (whose name we will not mention now for security reasons) suffered the abuse in the […]

US-UK Financier Elite in Finance Collapse, War Psychosis; Syria, Iran, Pakistan Targetted; Russian Resistance Grows

December 1, 2011


This map shows the INFLUENCE of the American Gov in the Middle East. خريطة نــفـــوذ الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية في الشرق الأوسط Notice: In Lebanon, influence of the US is through the March 14 coalition. I am not saying that Lebanon is under the control of the Am gov.  No. I’m saying that there is an […]

الدكتور وبستار: الوهابيون و الكيان الصهيوني يموّلون ثوار القاعدة _ فديو مترجم

November 28, 2011


 هام: مقابلة وبستر ترابلي مع آلكس جونس و موضوعها سوريا   :الجزء الأول بالعربية In English الجزء الثاني: بالعربية In English